SGW Retreat0032Welcome to the homepage of Celia Mulder, author & library student!

I am a gal in my twenties living in lovely, unpredictable Michigan. I have an expensive film degree I do not use, a deep love of the written word, and a strong desire to keep everything (except my apartment) organized.

At the moment, I am working on my library science masters degree and trying to achieve my lofty writing goals.

I recently came to the realization the people are far more complex than we can even imagine.  For example, I love really ridiculous comedies, all things Doctor Who and Aquaman, and have to read anything with a friends-turned-lovers plot. This moment of clarity has since sent me into a spiral of uncertainty about how to ever capture a fully developed character (let alone many) in 100,000 words or less. So yes, book editing is going well.

If you enjoy reading, writing, comedy, and snooping on other people’s lives, check out my blog. If you don’t, I have nothing to say to you. Good day.