Starts with a bang

Early Posts, Fun Stuff / Wednesday, March 11th, 2015

Instead of a lengthy welcome post wherein I explain who I am what I’m about and…whew, already bored.

Last night, in the moment before I fell asleep, I thought a snake was going to get into my room through my stove vent.  It conceivably could happen.  The vent leaves directly outside and sometimes I hear the rustling of creatures who get trapped in there.  I live mostly below ground so the event is at perfect height for some unsuspecting snake to slither in to hide from the rain or the neighbor’s dog.  Then there are these large holes in the vent its self, definitely large enough for a snake to get through.

The moment my sleepy brain put all these pieces together, I had the lights back on and was sitting straight up, staring at the vent.  That’s when I remembered I’d covered it with plastic for the winter.  So, if a snake was to get in, it couldn’t actually fall through the cracks and onto my stove until I removed said plastic.  Meaning I didn’t have to worry.  Yet.

The idea was comforting for about three minutes until I thought about how thin the plastic really was and how easily a snake could tear through it with it’s sharp, poisonous fangs…

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