5 Reasons I Almost Stopped Writing This Blog

Early Posts, Fun Stuff / Saturday, March 14th, 2015

Let’s face it, once the blog is up and running and you’ve spent a few giddy hours playing with font and rearranging photos, the excitement of the whole thing wears off and you’re faced with the prospect of now actually running a blog.  Thus this list:

5 Reasons I Almost Stopped Writing This Blog

1. I got bogged down trying to come up with post ideas that would be fun to write but that I wouldn’t mind my grandma reading.  Trying not to offend anyone, particularly dear grandma, is a fast track to writer’s block, the graveyard of the one-post blog.  To combat this I am giving myself permission to go all in and write what I want without apology.

2. Then I started going off on how, with so many zillions of blogs are out there, no one will want to read mine. Well this blog isn’t really about you, it’s about me.  I am writing it because I want to so who cares if no one reads it?  Eventually, of course, I would like some reader feedback but for now, I write for me and me alone.

3. Never think too closely about just who can read what you put online.  Or how many people can see what you write!  It takes a lot of courage and lady-balls to post real, honest content online for all to see.  This thought tornado is yet another path to crushing writer’s block and is being stamped out immediately.

4. What if I don’t have enough to say?  It is the paradox wherein I have all these things floating around in my head all day but, when I actually go down to write them, poof, they vanish.  This is not a new concept and there are number blog entries, articles, and books written on how to deal with this phenomenon.  Therefore, not a good reason not to write my blog.

5. Finally, time.  Thou fickle hearted mistress.  Time that seems to stretch on forever at breakfast but then has all but disappeared just after lunch.  Who has time to write a blog?  I have no comeback to this reason – it has been the cause of failure for all my other blogging attempts.  So I will post Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday when I remember and won’t when I forget!

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