Sometimes What You Need is a Kick in the Pants

Early Posts, Fun Stuff / Tuesday, March 17th, 2015

I’ve been working on this being-a-serious-writer thing for a few months now.  I tell everyone to leave me alone!  I have to get some serious writing done! (Serious meaning committed here.  I write comedy).  Only I haven’t actually been writing, apart from blog posts, journaling, and an occasional book review.  My novel languishes, the first chapter written to death and the rest in desolate neglect.

What I need is a kick in the pants.  Something to jump start this whole novel.  CPR for half finished books.  And, while zoning out on the internet (“working”) I found just that thing!  A writing convention.

Of course!  It’s so simple.  Every conference I go to leaves me rejuvenated, refreshed, and ready to churn out some pages.  Only this isn’t a two day conference near my hometown.  Oh no, this is the big time.  The Romantic Times Booklovers Convention in Dallas – almost a full week of workshops, parties, pitches, and more parties, some with costumes.

I gleefully took the first step and registered. Apparently I am super late and the main hotel is sold out and the backup hotel only had one option left but I am staying positive that it’ll all work out somehow!  My writing won’t know what hit it.

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