A Note on Michiganders

Early Posts, Fun Stuff / Saturday, March 28th, 2015

When it comes to weather, we Michiganders are notoriously stubborn.

A few days ago, it snowed. A lot.  However, at the beginning of the month when we were having a serious thaw and the thermometers hit 50, I shed my winter coat and boots with a sigh and vowed not to wear them again until at least October.  On the day of the snowfall I had woken up, excited to wear my new orange flats and a skirt.  Think my plans were deterred by a bit of snow and 7 degree temps?  Hell no!  I’m a Michigander.  When I declare winter is over, it’s over, whether or not the weather agrees to co-opperate.

I’m not alone in this.  For the past few weeks I’ve seen people out in shorts and tank tops with scarcely a winter coat in sight.  All around me people are packing away winter clothes and turning off their heat. Yesterday in a cafe the woman at the next table proudly announced, “I’m declaring it spring.  I’ve got my flip flops on and everything.”

Tomorrow I fully intend to wear sandals, whether it’s 55 degrees or negative 10.

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