There's Some Weird Stuff Out There / Wednesday, October 7th, 2015

In this week’s edition of There’s Some Weird Stuff Out There, I am discussing mpreg, a sub-genre of m/m romance where in one of those m’s gets pregnant. Really, if we’re going to get technical, these are m/m romance novels with an mpreg plot. But that’s not the point. The point is that people out there (and not just a few) are writing and reading books about men getting pregnant. And why not? It’s a fascinating possibility coupled with some equally fascinating descriptions and diagrams of just how, biologically, male pregnancy could be a thing.

Check it out for yourself:




Alex’s Surprise by Chris McHart 





Forbidden Lover by Aiden Bates – this one has a werewolf/dragon romance AND mpreg.






Bear Back Mountain by Artemis Wolffe and Wednesday Raven – get it?





The Degan Incident by Rob Colton 




And many, many more. A lot of which are sci-fi, fantasy, and paranormal/shapeshifter books. Maybe because that makes the whole mpreg more believable?

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